The Griffith Institute – University of Oxford

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Lamentablemente tenemos la noticia de otro fallecimiento, esta vez nos lo comunica el Instituto Griffith, de la Universidad de Oxford, nos dicen así en su comunicado:

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Dr Diana Magee (DPhil Oxf). Diana was a huge part of our lives here in the Griffith Institute, her considerable contribution to the Porter & Moss, as well as the many hours of dedicated work on the creation and expansion of our archive catalogues, improving access to the Jaroslav Cerny, Norman and Nina de Garis Davies, Battiscombe Gunn and Percy Newberry manuscripts in particular. Diana’s tireless effort will continue to benefit many scholars for years to come. Diana was a lady of firm principle, who did not suffer fools gladly, but she would happily give her time to anyone interested in her beloved Asyut and was a staunch believer in the work and values of the Griffith Institute. We shall miss her greatly.